Tall Men's Extra Long T-Shirts & Polo Shirts

Providing extra length for taller blokes or for anyone who prefers longer style tops, Big Fish Clothing stock a wide range of extra long t-shirts and polo shirts for tall men. 

Our extra long men’s t-shirts are tailored to be around 4 inches longer than you’d typically find from normal tops, providing extra coverage for tall guys or for anyone with a little extra gut to cover up. Our long length t-shirts are available in plain colours, patterns or graphic prints, ideal for warmer months when paired with jeans and boots for a smart-casual look. 

We also stock extra long length men’s polo shirts too in case t-shirts aren’t your style. With patterns such as fine stripes or tipped collars, long polo shirts add an additional element of style to a casual look and are ideal for the workplace when it gets hot outside.

Available in tall sizes LXT, 1XT, 2XT and 3XT.

Free delivery is available for all orders over £75 with next day delivery available in the UK.